A Better Way To Learn English

A Better Way To Learn English

NYC English is a US-based, industry leader specializing in English language learning, with operations and product development based in Asia.

We use the latest technology to teach all six language skills in depth: reading, writing, grammar, speaking, pronunciation and listening comprehension, with an emphasis on speaking and listening. Our products are aligned to international standards, such as TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, WIDA, and TELPAS/ELP, and are ideal to complement an existing curriculum or for independent self-learning.


Competitive Edge

Product Edge


NYC English emphasizes listening and speaking with technology that simulates an ‘immersive experience’ – the natural way people learn.


The award-winning software program is content rich and designed by pedagogic experts. It uniquely combines natural conversations and lessons to cover all 6 skills needed to be fluent and confident in English.


Our products are aligned to internationally recognized standards, such as TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, WIDA, and TELPAS/ELP, and are ideal to complement existing curricula or for independent self-learning


The platform-based delivery architecture is scalable and allows for efficient product development. NYC English keeps one step ahead by a focus on investing in innovation: enhancing the existing software, and creating customer relevant new products and services.

Distribution Edge

The Go-To-Market Strategy is multi-channel with focus on the market segments of B2S, B2B, B2G and B2C.

We have contracted leading distributors in 14 markets to date. They are all strongly positioned to participate in the lucrative school, university, government agency, and all corporate channels.

Another 4 markets are targeted to join the list by the end of 2024 as distribution agreements are currently under negotiation. For 2025 an expansion is targeted for another 7 markets, with further markets to be added anytime.

Through our network we are building a substantial user and subscriber base in partnership with large scale operators, such as cable providers, telecoms, and education platforms with over 1 billion users to date.

This approach is important as it establishes a strong and credible foundation to build brand power.

We are adding more network operators as we roll out our launch across the world.

Software App

Our award-winning software allows students to learn in their own time, at their own pace, and on any device.

It has recently been upgraded with a more contemporary, user-friendly design: the graphics have been updated, the navigation is more intuitive, real-time progress is easier to visualize, and the video content has been enhanced. 

Each Level has 30 Themes, within which are multiple Lessons. There are over 900 practice exercises, 10,000 phrases, and 600 videos of real-life conversations and explanations. Our scientifically-proven instructional design provides a content-rich ‘immersive learning experience’.

For ease of use and understanding, at the click of a button everything can be translated into the student’s native language.

The software features voice recognition technology to help with pronunciation, as well as dashboards to track progress.

NYC English is BESSIE award winner

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