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Confidence in speaking English opens up a world of opportunity

The world is more connected than ever before.
In such a world confidence in English is key to a better life, better jobs and more money.

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English is the language of:

English is a language of knowledge and education

Knowledge – used in most of the world’s top universities.

English is a language of tourism

Tourism – where travellers, guests and staff must often use English to be understood.

English for business meetings with NYC English

International Business – for meetings, conferences and dealing with clients.

Logos of international media and social networks

Much of the media – social, internet and entertainment.

3 billion people learn English every day –  the World Bank has named English a “Megatrend”

NYC English builds your confidence

You may have been taught English at school.

But, textbook and rote learning will probably not have given you the ability to converse with people in real life situations, and if you cannot, you will miss out on all the opportunities fluency in English brings.

NYC English teaches you the way native-English speakers actually speak and will give you the confidence you need.

What you learn will give you the opportunity to fulfill your dreams
What you learn you will keep for life
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Beginner Level Graduates
Saengthong Vitthaya School, Thailand


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