15 August 2021

Inner Circle (PVT) Ltd. Distributor in Sri Lanka

Inner Circle is a leading distribution and marketing company in Sri Lanka

20 July 2021

Yefei Jin Appointed Academic Advisor

1 July 2021

Yeshen Mariono Appointed Director, Sales and Marketing Indonesia

12 November 2020

Total Number of Users Exceeds 3 Million

28 September 2020

China JV Registered

The Foreign Invested Enterprise, Shanghai Dixue Network Technology Co. Ltd., established to distribute NYC English products, and develop 3rd party content on The NYC English platform for distribution in China. NYC English (HK) Ltd. holds 49% and Shanghai Dixue Education and Technology Co. Ltd 51% of Shanghai Dixue Network Technology Co. Ltd.

25 August 2020

Creative Digital Agency Appointed

Bangkok based international agency, Pimclick Co. Ltd., assigned to drive the digital innovation of products, marketing content and social media.

23 June 2020

Brand and Corporate Communications Strategy Company Appointed

Brandstorm Asia (a division of Creative Direction Asia Ltd) assigned to advise on brand communications strategies and product upgrades.

17 June 2020

China Government ICP Licence Approved

Issued by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), the licence permits China-based websites to operate in China.

17 June 2020

Software Program becomes available in China

Permit to operate the website in China granted with Internet Content Provider (ICP) No. 20018405. Site uploaded onto TenCent Cloud.

1 October 2019

Sasbadi Holdings Berhad appointed as distributor in Malaysia

Sadbadi is a Malaysian-listed company and has grown over the years from producing quality educational books and materials to a leading education solutions provider.

15 August 2019

SE-ED (SE-Education PLC) appointed as a distributor in Thailand.

SE-ED is a major distributor to schools and universities throughout Thailand and has over 300 book stores, as well learning centers. 

18 April 2018

NYC English (HK) Ltd incorporated

The Hong Kong based subsidiary formed to handle international operations.

NYC English named best educational software
by ComputED Gazette 2017

Learning to speak English as a second language is hard.  English breaks its own rules, can never seem to decide how to pronounce words that should sound similar but don’t (think of words that end in ough–enough, slough, dough, bough, cough, etc.), and changes drastically depending on locale (Jamaica, Australia, Yorkshire, Brooklyn…).

Trying to design a method of teaching English to students for whom English is not their native language has been the subject of much research and discussion among experts and educators alike. Many computer-based and Internet-based efforts have been impressive but, perhaps, none more so than NYC English. New to the field (and to the BESSIES, where it won High School ESL/ELL Website for 2017), NYC English brings a definitive 21st Century approach to teaching ELL/ESL.

NYC English consists of three levels: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced, and each level offers 30 contemporary life themes.  The themes are divided into sub-units and begin with a young mentor who introduces each topic and encourages active participation. Writing prompts are added as students advance to higher levels, and all student work is recorded and displayed in both student and teacher dashboards.

While similar to other English language learning programs, the differences are startling:  High-definition seamless videos, sleek graphics, high-quality sound, and a clean user-friendly interface are the most obvious.  NYC English provides many opportunities for students to practice targeted words and phrases – key vocabulary; line-by-line reading, which can instantly be translated into the learner’s native language (currently ten languages are offered with six more coming soon); and analysis of pronunciation after recording and playback. NYC English can be used on any device, at any time.

The goal of NYC English is to accelerate learning of conversational English and we believe that, as the designers add to and refine the program, it will truly do just that.  We look forward to seeing what the staff at NYC English can accomplish in the future.

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