NYC English Version 3.0 Unveiled

Award-winning English learning platform gets design makeover and improved features 

US-based NYC English LLC has unveiled a major upgrade to its award-winning English  language learning software NYC English 3.0

NYC English 3.0 uses videos, technology, and a unique program to teach all 6 skills needed to  be confident and fluent in English: speaking, listening comprehension, pronunciation, reading,  writing, and grammar, with an emphasis on conversational English. 

The upgraded product is more immersive, with updated graphics, intuitive navigation, and more  English words and phrases translated into the learner’s native language. Real-time progress is  easier to visualize and video-content has been enhanced. 

Founder and President of NYC English LLC, Mark Emerson said: “Our aim is always to produce  a pedagogically best-in-class product and keep a step ahead. NYC English version 3.0 will make  learning the language a highly engaging experience. For anyone who wants to communicate in  English with fluency and confidence, there is no better app than our new NYC English 3.0” 

NYC English’s scientifically-proven instructional design and multiple features provide a content rich learning experience unlike any other. Its three levels – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced – are divided into 30 Themes, delivering over 900 practice exercises, 10,000 phrases, and 600  videos of real-life conversations and explanations. And for ease of understanding, every line is  translated into the learner’s native language at the click of a button.  

The new design was developed by Digital Creative Agency, Pimclick, with the software being  implemented by a preferred Microsoft partner, Vidyatech Solutions Pvt Ltd. 

NYC English 3.0 is now available at Beginner and Intermediate Levels for Spanish and Thai  speakers, with the Advanced Level coming soon. In the next few months, this new version will  also be rolled out for Indonesian, Vietnamese, Myanmar, Malay, Khmer, Tagalog, Japanese,  Korean, Chinese, Hindi, Bengali, Sinhala, Arabic, French, and Portuguese language speakers. 

Thomas Irle, SVP Business Development at NYC English LLC, commented: “We are delighted to  officially launch our NYC English 3.0 software in the USA, Colombia, and Thailand, with many  other markets in the Americas, Asia, The Middle East, Africa, and Europe soon to follow.”  


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About NYC English LLC 

NYC English is a US-based industry leader in the fast-growing market of conversational English  through technology-based products that are easy-to-use, anytime, anywhere, and on any device. 

Our purpose is to open the world to people through English: empowering them, connecting them,  and giving them the language skills and confidence to thrive in their careers and social life.  

Our products combine our pedagogical know-how with technology to teach all six language skills  in depth: reading, writing, grammar, speaking, pronunciation, and listening comprehension, with  an emphasis on speaking and listening. 

NYC English is currently distributed in 8 markets, including the Americas (USA, Mexico, and  Colombia), India, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mideast (UAE, Saudi-Arabia, Oman,  Bahrain, and Egypt) with another 8 distribution agreements under negotiation.  

Through our network we are building a substantial user and subscriber base in partnership with large scale operators, such as educational on- and off-line publishers, cable providers, and telecoms platforms. In addition we are making NYC English 3.0 available for purchase on AppStore and Google Play. 

Figure 1 – Thomas Irle / Senior Vice President NYC English and Mark Emerson / Founder & President NYC English talking to the representative of Thomson Reuters
Figure 2 – NYC English Version 3.0 Product Launch Event
Figure 3 – Mark Emerson’s Speech at the Product Launch of NYC English Version 3.0
Figure 4 – Showing ‘The Answer’ video demonstrating NYC English Version 3.0
Figure 5 – Mark Emerson / President & Founder NYC English
Figure 6 – Multiple Features of NYC English Version 3.0
Figure 7 – NYC English Version 3.0

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