SE-ED Intensive Tutoring Event for TGAT at Ubon Book Fair (12. – 20. Aug)

1,000 NYC English free-trial licenses for students to start their English Learning Journey

Ubon Ratchathani – 12th August 2023 — Invited by SE-ED Academy NYC English was gratefully able to join the Intensive Tutoring Event for TGAT at the Ubon Book Fair. The seminar took place on the 12th of August in the convention center of Sunee Towers in Ubon Ratchathani.

About 300 high school students in their last school term attended the Tutoring Event as they are currently getting ready to apply for university or their first job. During the event, the students listened to several speeches and presentations concerning university requirements and the best way they can prepare themselves to get into their university of choice.

The NYC English speech focused on how important, useful, and fun it is, in today’s globalized world, to be fluent in English. Having the ability to communicate in English gives opportunities for better jobs, study or travel abroad, and connecting with people from all around the world. In addition, students were shown “The Answer” video to demonstrate how NYC English can support them to achieve their goals and how they would benefit from using the software. 

With the purpose of giving the students the opportunity to enhance their English skills, NYC English and SE-ED offered 1,000 15-day free trials of NYC English Version 3.0. They could register for this free software during the event or at the Ubon Book Fair until the 20th of August. 

At the book fair NYC English and SE-ED talked to the students about their favorite authors and books, their experience with reading English books, and how they try to improve their English at home.


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Figure 1 – NYC English Booth at the Ubon Book Fair

Figure 2 – NYC English Speech at the “Intensive Tutoring Event for TGAT”

Figure 3 – NYC English Team with the attending students

Figure 4 – Students registering for the 15-day free trial of NYC English Version 3.0

Figure 5 – NYC English interviewing students at the Ubon Book Fair

Figure 6 – NYC English Version 3.0 15-day free trial

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